AI agent for architectural visualization

Pixie.AI learns your environment...

Leveraging our deep learning architecture, Pixie.AI uses computer vision to scan the 3D objects within the environment, detailing the surrounding. Our machine learning algorithm has been trained with hundreds of thousand 3D geometry and design parameters so she can learn your model home or office. When she is placed in a new environment, Pixie can identify rooms, furniture, locations and construction details.

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Use your voice to interact with your 3D world

Once she learns her surroundings, you can interact with her using your voice. Ask Pixie about select pieces of furniture, change the room design, teleport to another room or even get measurements for you. She's smart and she loves to talk!

Reduce costs by eliminating human guides

Pixie can guide you through the environment, offer recommendations, provide design options and collect data for you about user behavior, reducing costs and human error.

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