PixieDust Labs offers cutting-edge AI consulting services and software solutions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We extract data from text to develop AI models to achieve predictions and insights. We use NLP techniques for clinical trial analysis, prediction and Data Science insights

Computer Vision

We offer Computer Vision services for image detection, masking, and classification. Our CV solutions are often part of a larger solution.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling is at the core of Machine Learning. Our predictive modeling service has been used to forecast labor hours, image classification, automation, and categorical solutions to name a few.

Conversational AI

Combining Natural Language Processing with generative models, we have built a number of AI agents for sales, training, and worker knowledge.

Data Analysis

Through labeled and un-labeled data, we make sense of what's there. Our data analysis services provide detailed reporting that fosters business insights.

Data Visualization

Using Tableau or custom Python programming libraries, we present rich, interactive visuals that provide a clear understanding of data discoveries.

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We're a bunch of math geeks who like big problem. Have a problem that Machine Learning might be able to solve? Contact us!

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Our Solutions at Work

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Clinical Trials

Natural Language Processing

Composition Automation

Computer Vision

AI Assistant

Natural Language Processing

Nuclei Detection

Computer Vision/Deep Learning

Hospital Analysis

Data Science

T-GAN Image Generation

Deep Learning

Housing Market Analysis

Data Science/Machine Learning


Deep Learning/NLP/3D

Our Clients


We're a small team doing big data. Our backgrounds are in Computer Science, Mathmatics, Healthcare, and Software Development.

Doug Barr

Founder, Machine Learning Lead

David Barr

Lead QA

Mike Lillinthal

Lead HCI Developer

Amanda Jepson


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